Cask-Aged Gin Launches

We set out to create a range of premium gins that go beyond the botanicals, spirits with complex flavour profiles that can’t just be made from distilling alone. Introducing our new Cask Series range, 3 gins cask aged in hand selected barrels from around the world.

The first release from our Cask Series, our Single Malt Cask-Aged Gin, a craft gin that breaks the norm and doesn’t need tonic. Our signature London Dry gin is aged for a secret length of time in Octave casks from a Speyside distillery in Scotland. These casks have housed single malt whisky for over a decade, taking on rich new complex flavours. Each cask we lay down with gin is never the same & timing is crucial as to when it is ready. Too early and the flavour profile will be under developed. Too much time in the cask & the gin will be overpowered with tanins & bitterness from the oak. What goes in the cask at the start comes out at the end, we don’t dilute back.

Expressions 2 & 3 from the range will release end of June & July respectively.

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