The Rebrand

Back in October last year I felt the time was right to delve into the depths of branding and to think long and hard about our distillery and our identity. Our gin had been out in bottle form for almost 18 months and our sales were slowly growing.  When we started back in 2018, it was a quick job i’m not going to lie. Not a lot of thought was put into our bottle & labels, our main focus was perfecting a gin recipe, and starting out budget was tight so we just rolled with a simple label & an off the shelf bottle.

After selecting a branding designer just before Xmas, we started work in the New Year. I wanted our brand to reflect the strong history of Abingdon (it is after all the oldest town in England with a huge market history) but also stay contemporary in style to reflect the modern approach to our methods of craft distilling.  Our new bottle design is unlike any other on the craft gin market & finding the right bottle for this project was probably the hardest task of all.

It’s been a long 6 months since we started the project, with Brexit really impacting some of our suppliers and delivery times, but I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Our bottles are stunning!

I would like to place a huge thank you to Benjamin, our designer, from Benjamin Charles Studios for brining our vision to life. Also a thank you to Label Apeel printers for their seriously slick embossing & foiling work on the labels.

Now, onto a new website…….

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