Sloe Gin Incoming, Slowly

At the start of October we laid down our first batch of sloe gin which we hope to have ready for the start of December and in time for Xmas. After all, what is Xmas without a tipple of sloe gin?!

Our sloe berries come from the Norfolk coastline and are handpicked by a local farmer who literally spends the whole day wading through the wild grown blackthorn bushes in search of ripe sloes for us. We did need 20kg of berries in the end so a huge thank you to David for his efforts.

Once we get the sloe berries delivered the following day, they are first frozen for 24hrs for the berries to burst their skins and reveal the soft inside of the berry. We then steep the berries for 3 months in our award winning London Dry gin to slowly release the dark jammy natural fruit flavours of the sloes into the gin.

When the time is up, we strain and filter the gin before finishing it off with a good measure of raw honey from local bee hives in Abingdon and bottling.

We can’t wait to share Batch 1 of this gin with you!

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